How has social media positively affected The American Stock Exchange

The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 20 pages (within the range of approximately 2000 to 4000 words or more), including references and appendices.

All papers must be in the third person past tense. (For example, “The researcher then asked the subjects the following questions. . . “)

All papers must have 1-inch margins and be keyed in 12 point font (Times or Times New Roman).

Photographic images may be used in the paper as long as the photographs are essential to understand the project.

Graphs, tables, diagrams, charts, or other graphic representations should be simple, labeled, and clear.

Follow the “Framework for your submission template A” to submit your project.

Framework for your submission Template A (CPA): this should include the following sections.

(Each section must begin with a new page).

Cover Page
Student name
School name
Title Page
Title of the culminating project
List any major assistance received (teachers, outside experts)
Table of Contents
State your hypothesis
State your variables
Background on the topic
Reason for choosing this topic
What do you hope to learn or gain from this culminating research
Materials and Methods (both must be in paragraph format- what you did, how you did, and what you used)
List data or findings only- you will discuss what they mean in the discussion area
Data tables and charts
Graphs (Use appropriate graphs for your findings)
Picture(s) of the stage by stage Model / Prototype building

A discussion of your results- what do they mean and how do the data relate to / defend your hypothesis?
Include a description of how the model / Prototype works and your findings
Relate your findings from the discussion back to your hypothesis- was your hypothesis supported or not supported?- (FYI: Hypothesis never are proven true or false, they are only supported or not supported )
References used in your research in MLA format
Appendix or Appendices (if necessary)

List all tests, surveys developed, step-by-step process of model / Prototype building process, dimension information, etc.