History Essay on Module 6: California Conflicts

Directions  / Rubric for Essay Assignments

California History

  • Only choose to write about one essay prompt per week
  • The essay is due only on that due date; no going back and no writing old essays

Throughout the semester, you want to try to turn in ten essays.  This means you do not have to write an essay every week; but, you do need to pay attention and make sure you turn in the number you want! Start early.  Turn your essay in early – before the due date.

  • Your response to the essay prompt is based on each week’s assigned reading; nothing else.
  • You will not need any outside sources unless asked to do so; discuss only assigned pages.
  • Your grade is based on how well you understand your weekly assigned reading.

–Do not summarize or retell what you read: respond to the prompt in your own voice.–Reflect on the assigned reading; show you understand the author’s point of view or argument.

–Avoid listing factual information; instead, what do you think about what the author has to say?–Give specific examples from the reading to emphasize your point or what you think.

–If you did use outside sources, make sure to let me know; tell me why.

Formatting: A maximum of 5 points will be taken off an essay for each area that is not complete.

  1. Type the complete prompt at the top of the page.

          Often, we have way more than one prompt to choose from and I need to know which prompt you chose so I can grade it.  Write it out – the whole thing.  Also, you can use your essays as a

          study guide; you will want that prompt on there!

  1. Type your name at the top left corner
  2. Start your response at the top of the page; you only have 1 ½ page to say what you want!
  3. 1 ½ pages or 250 words / 12 point font / black ink / double-spaced
  4. Do not forget to use paragraphs; you should have at least 3 or 4 in your whole essay
  5. Have a thesis or main idea to start your essay
  6. At the end of your essay, save space to write me a note about anything you want to regarding the assigned reading and your response. It could be something, like, “I used to live in Richmond and…” or, “I had a lot of trouble with this idea of environmental justice, so I looked it up….” Anything that you want to share would be great! This will help me understand what you’ve written. 🙂
  7. Submit through Canvas by the due date where you see the “Assignment” icon – a little pencil.