History Essay Assignment on Qin and Han China

please strictly follow the Analytical Essay Checklist, Grading Rubric: Analytical Essay, Instruction, and Sample title page.

Also, You must incorporate only material from the primary sources assigned on the topic of your choice (as found on eClass for our class), but not any material from the introductions to the sources, to answer one of the following questions and you must not incorporate any outside materials in your essay.3 Please use only the Chicago Style of citation (i.e., footnotes or endnotes) in your essay for any quotes or material paraphrased from the assigned sources on your topic, and please do not submit a “Works Cited” page nor bibliography for this assignment.4 Please refer to the examples found at the bottom of the page and on eClass for the format of citations that must be used for this assignment and you will be severely penalized if you use any other form of citation in your essay. You will receive a F for your essay if you do not provide citations, with page numbers, for the examples and/or points discussed in your assignment that are drawn from the assigned primary sources