History Essay Assignment on on military

This is a history paper based on the military. The terms you would have to google are listed in the explanation. If the writer needs clarification on any of the terminology, just let me know and I will upload it if the writer is unsure of the terminology. Use however many sources you need to complete the paper.

Consider the Falklands/Malvinas conflict, determine the operational center(s) of gravity (COG) for both major participants (Argentina and UK) in the operation/conflict and show an analysis of how you derived them using Operational Art concepts and terminology. The answer should include a. The relationship between Strategic guidance, the Desired End State, the operational objectives, and the military conditions for success. b. A consideration of the Critical Factors (both strengths and weaknesses) as they relate to COG selection. c. How each opposing side chose to attack/deal with the opponent’s center(s) of gravity as well as protect their own center(s) of gravity. This should include a discussion of Critical Capabilities, Critical Requirements, and Critical Vulnerabilities associated with the COG. 2. The operational factors of time, space, and force greatly impacted the Falklands/Malvinas conflict. Using either conflict, expand on how these factors impacted both major participants at the operational level of war. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the operational factors associated with the operation/conflict (both sides), the answer should include a discussion of a. Theater geometry and its impact on the battle/conflict (both sides). b. Your assessment of the three (3) most important Operational Functions for each side and the impact they had on the battle/conflict (positive or negative).

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You can look up most of the terminology dealing with Operating Factors and the rest in the explanation by googling the author Milan Vego, he wrote most of the papers explaining the terminology. Also, there is a Falklands/Malvinas case study somewhere on the internet and books