History Assignment on 9-2 Final Project Two Submission: Online Exhibit

The second part Explanation: XXX will be about the 5-7 page paper about how your exhibit is helping your museum meet its mission. you will write an explanation of your exhibit, including a discussion of the ethical implications of your decisions. In the first part of your project, you will use your policy review to pick a topic for an exhibit that relates to the collection of that museum. Then you will write an explanation of your choices, addressing the information you gathered in your policy review and analyzing any ethical constraints you had to consider.”

The other seven critical elements of the Final Project are your “explanation,” and are based on a 5-7 page paper you will write after mounting your exhibit. In your paper, you will explain the scope of your exhibit (not to be confused with summarizing your exhibit), how the scope of the exhibit aligns with the museum’s needs and resources, how the mission and audience align with your exhibit, how the exhibit addresses any gaps you identified in the policy review (it is digital for those that recognized a lack of digitization as a gap, it preserves objects for those with environmental concerns, etc.), you should describe any ethical concerns that came up while creating your exhibit (was there a question about using an object or not? Being inclusive? Sensitive topics? etc.), and finally how did the audience factor into your decision around the ethical issue and/or did the ethical issue match any of your gaps in policy?

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