Historical Review Paper: CMC Assignment Instructions

You will write a 6-page paper in current APA format addressing the following components:

  1. The student will describe key aspects of the Cuban Missile Crisis (CMC) to include:
    • Background and description of the CMC
    • One example of groupthink and how it was mitigated
    • Key successes and failures in the CMC
    • Reasons for successes and failures (listed above) in the CMC
    • Another area (s) in the CMC that you deem important
  2. Describe two plausible explanations with rationale on why the Soviets deployed missiles in Cuba that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis (CMC).
  3. Describe why or why not (with rationale) the quarantine (blockade) was the best option (initially) in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis (CMC).
  4. Describe the role of friction(s) between the Congress and Executive branch that both helped and hindered actions before, during, and after the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  5. A conclusion that gives rationale to what you believe is the most important lessons learned from the CMC.

 (6-8 total citations).