HIMS 650-Research Methods for Healthcare Managers

HIMS 650, Research Methods for Healthcare Managers
Week Eight: Introduction to HIMS 650 “Evidence-Base Research Capstone Outline
It’s never too early to get a head start on the upcoming Evidence-Based Research
Project in HIMS 650, Research Methods for Healthcare Managers. Over the last
seven (7) weeks, we have explored various topics as it relates to health statistics
and research methods. The purpose of this assignment is to create the layout
(outline) which will eventually become your capstone assignment.
Possible Topics for Consideration (feel free to consult with your Professor in the
event you have another topic in mind that is not included on the list below)-
 Health Information Systems/Technologies (i.e. the electronic health record,
interfaces, data capture technologies)
 Human Capital
 Health Information Exchange (HIE)
 Public Policy (HIM-related)
 Consumer Informatics
 Business Intelligence
 Patient Portals
 Meaningful Use (I, II & III)
 Virtual Networks
 Leadership Theories & Approaches (i.e. Transformational Leadership)
 Master Data Management
 Data Integration
 Biotechnology (Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Genomics)
 Personnel Management (i.e. recruitment, professional development,
performance evaluation, mentoring and training)
 HIM Policy and Procedure Management
 Vendor/Contract Management
 Global Health (HIM-related)
 Revenue Cycle Management
 Information Governance (IG)/Data Governance (DG)
Data Analytics
 Clinical Vocabularies & Classification Systems
 Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
 Advocacy (i.e. Financial, Patient, General Health, Access to Care, Patient
 National Patient Safety Identifiers
 Affordable Care Organizations (ACOs)
 e-Health
 Virtual Network Applications and Storage (Cloud Computing)
Construct a 3-2 paged outline of your proposed HIMS 670 capstone project that
includes the following:
 Proposed Title
 Research Statement [one paragraph]  Introduction to the problem [one paragraph]  Purpose of the study [two-three paragraphs]  Proposed research questions (two-three questions)
Annotated Bibliography
 Annotated Bibliography [A minimum of three-five peer-reviewed references