Heath care Assignment on COVID-19

Scenario: COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt. The virulence of the disease can be felt at every corner of the globe. You are the head of the Research & Development of a very well know, well-respected institution, doing your part in trying to stem the effects of this disease. There is a new drug named “MLT” which has been showing much promise in other countries. It could offer a cure for the disease.
The director of your institution has charged you with the challenge of testing the efficacy of this new drug. Your institution is funding your entire project fully and they have already consented to 200 volunteer patients that have been hospitalized due to the virus.
1. What methods would you use to test the efficacy of this new drug on these volunteer patients
2. Discus what you would use as controls.
3. Discuss what ethical implications you will need to consider.
4. What measure would you use to assess recovery, e.g. temperature, mobility, breathing capacity? Be specific.

You are free to use any literature you may need to aid in your response. If you do use any literature, please reference at the end. This is a methodology question. Specify what scientific method you would use to solve the problem. No background information is required.