Health Care Research Paper on Necrotizing Enterocolitis

For this course, you are required to submit a research paper. The paper is 10% of your cumulative grade for Radiographic Procedures II

The following are the requirements:

  • The paper is to be sent electronically to Vicki or Suzanne.
  • Late submissions are subject to a 10-point deduction per day.
  • Your research paper is to be a researched condition and/or pathology that is displayed through one or more of the diagnostic imaging modalities.
  • The body of the paper is to be four typed pages, double-spaced (not including images), or introduction.
  • Once you have chosen your topic, please email Suzanne so that we may approve it – the sooner the better.
  • The format for the paper is APA. – You can access resources via PGCC’s Library directly from BB
  • The paper will include a title, brief abstract, and in-text citations that are properly cited throughout the paper and on your works cited page.
  • The paper will be graded on the proper usage of grammar, the content of the researched topic, sentence structure, and proper APA format using reputable sources such as those ending in .edu and/or .org Do not use Wikipedia, as it is not considered a reputable source. Most reliable sources come from journals. You may also use your textbooks as sources should you find a citation that is useful for your research.
  • Use a minimum of four sources for your paper.
  • Suggestions on what to include in your paper/research:
  • Can research from a case study:
  • You may include patient history and symptoms that pertain to the diagnostic request.
  • “What caused the physician to request a certain diagnostic procedure and what other tests (labs, etc.) were performed in order to arrive at the clinical diagnosis”.
  • You may want to include the comparison between diagnostic results from different modalities if more than one is used.
  • Describe the cause, effect, and progression of the condition with respect to the patient and from a clinical sense.
  • Describe the origin of the condition, the treatment, and the cure, if one exists.
  • Include literature on forms of prevention of the condition, if any.
  • You can include statistical data on the condition, population, geography, and gender, etc.
  • You may want to start with why you chose the topic and end with what you gained from your research. Hope this helps – we are here if you need any guidance