Health Care Management – Long Term Care Assignment

The first thing to make a deal you have to give me the name of the organization and I have to get approval from my teacher if he is approved I will let you know to start working on this facility.
You will search and write about long-term care facility or organization that works in the field of long-term care/senior living/aging services of their choice.
The paper should be 3-4 pages (double-spaced). The presentation is nothing more than a 5-10 minute oral summary in class. Powerpoint is not required but certainly welcome if you would like.
.So, i need from you two things (( the paper and the oral summary for the presentation
The paper should include: information gathered about the facility (services, level of care, company background), patient population/demographics, staffing, and the administrator’s qualifications, as well as any other specific information you gleaned from your interview/tour.
Note: If you are having trouble finding a facility please inform the instructor for assistance.
The report is not limited to these topics but should at least include:
Basic and programmatic information about the facility – contact information, location, persons you interviewed, types of services provided, etc.
Qualities of the clients/patients/consumers they serve (and how do they refer to the people they serve) – What, if any, are the eligibility criteria? If there are multiple target audiences, how are their interest accommodated? Does the administrator need any specific knowledge or experience to work effectively with the target group? What are the key marketing strategies to attract consumers? Are there case mix issues that should be addressed?
Organizational structure – roles and responsibilities of different staff types, administrators, and advisory members
Financing – who pays and how? If there are multiple funding sources, discuss each. What efforts are there to contain costs? What are the fiscal constraints that the manager must operate under? What are reasonable strategies to ensure survival and strong financial performance?
Quality indicators – both in-house quality measures and local/state/federal regulatory requirements. To the extent that you can, compare and contrast briefly state regulatory issues.
Specific Management Issues – Who is responsible for the overall management of the program at the organizational level? Is any specific educational background, training, or certification required? What are the key staff and personal management issues involved with running the facility? What other management issues does the administrator confront? What keeps them up at night?
Strategic Planning – Is there a strategic planning process in place? Briefly describe the process? What are their anticipated needs for service during the next decade? How will they position the organization to best meet the future?
The future of long term care/aging services/senior living – Where do they think the industry is going (this can be a fun discussion)
Your overall impressions of the program ..

put together a report on the organization itself. You can get a good feel of the organization with a simple google search. Are there any articles about them? Have they made the news? Are they on social media or do they have a blog? Are they an SNF? If so, then they should have results of the past inspections on medicare or nursing home compare websites. Are there any state inspections from depts of health, social services, or fire marshall? From an HR standpoint, are they hiring? Are they on indeed? Any comments on glassdoor?

So put together a paper that describes the organization and what’s it all about in as much detail as possible.(remember the questions from the instructions)

Off-course don’t forget the references at the end.

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The first thing to make a deal you have to give me the name of the organization and i have to get approval from my teacher if he approved i will let you know to start working on this facility. IMPORTANT