Health Care Essay on FAB 101 Assignment

FAB 101 Assignment

Tasks to Be Completed

  1. Find an article related to Food Safety that was published by a newspaper. Newspaper can be published in print and on-line. A database that houses many different newspaper publications is Newspaper Source Plus. This database can be searched by going to the UNLV Library home page and selecting All Library Databases. It will be found by reviewing the databases starting with an N.

How to identify articles in newspapers? Look for the following:

  • Main purpose is to provide readers with a brief account of current events locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Can be published daily, semiweekly or weekly.
  • Articles are usually written by journalists who may or may not have subject expertise.
  • Written for the general public, readers don’t need any previous subject knowledge.
  • Little, if any, information about other sources is provided.


  1. Write a one page paper that summarizes the article in your words. Be sure to include a discussion of how the information would be useful for a manager working in the food service industry (e.g., restaurants, school lunch kitchens, hospital foodservice operations, prison meal departments, and in-flight food service).

Your paper should include an introduction paragraph, one to three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. Just like for most essays but this assignment is to be only one page.


In academic writing, keep in mind when summarizing outside sources the following:

  • Use your own words (if you don’t you plagiarized or stolen someone else’s words)
  • Include the key relevant elements of the original and keep it brief – you’re just going for the original’s essence
  • Do not include your interpretation/analysis in the introduction or body paragraphs – include your interpretation or thoughts in your conclusion paragraph. Make a clear distinction between your thoughts and someone else’s
  • Vary how you introduce or attribute your sources, like “according to…” or “so-and-so concludes that…” so your readers don’t get bored
  • Always include a citation of the article you have summarized. The following link will show you how to reference a newspaper article in the required APA style


  1. Include a cut and pasted copy of the newspaper article at the end of your file that contains the one page paper you have written.


  1. Format of paper should be as follows: 11” Ariel font, 1” margins, single spaced, paragraph 0.5” indentation. Include the reference for your article at the bottom of the page of your paper.


Content Knowledge to be Gained or Practiced

  • Learn how to identify articles written by professional journalists and published in newspapers.
  • Learn how to read other people’s writing and summarize it in your own words, briefly.
  • Learn how apply current events related to food safety to the operation of foodservice operations.

Criteria for Success

Correct grammar, punctuation, and ease of reading                                                        20 points

Finding and including a suitable article published in a newspaper                                               20 points

Correct Format of one page                                                                                                          10 points

Summary of article in student’s own words                                                                         30 points

Application of topic to a foodservice operation included                                                                20 points

Total                                                      100 points