Health Care Discussion Essay Assignment on Technology and its Effects

Technology and its Effects
Additional Focus: Delivering Virtual Health Care
Discussion Topic: Exploring the Trends in Personal Protective Technology (PPT)
Professionals in the healthcare industry are faced with many challenges during the evolving concerns in dealing with the susceptibility to endemics, pandemics, and other viral diseases. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Institute of Medicine (IOM), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are a few of the many organizations focused on the importance of personal protective technology (PPT) to create a safe and structured health care delivery environment. With millions of healthcare professionals relying on advances in PPT, innovative strategies remain a priority for research and development. PPT encompasses a range of specialized clothing and equipment, including gloves, hearing protection, fall arrest harnesses, respirators, and eye protection.

• Students will explore (research) the trends in PPT applicable to challenges in the healthcare industry workforce. (Select 2 articles of key interest to you as a professional within the past 3 years to review)

The exchange of knowledge activity requires students to make a professional decision on the content to be included in the review. The submission must explain the issues in detail with clarity in the delivery format. It is important the student communicates the critical information or concepts presented in the articles. Each student will communicate their perspective of the content and expanded learning. Additional focus is on the format used to gauge engagement of the target audience by posing 3 prepared questions related to the content communicated.
Resources applied should be current (within 3 years) unless used as a foundation-building reference. All resources must be evidence-based in nature, meaning from reputable healthcare/science/technology sources. APA format required for all resources