Health Care Assignment on WK 1 Forum Response

Students should collaborate with fellow learners, relating the discussion to course concepts, add several innovative ideas, and provide considerable additional insight that relates to core concepts.
Peer responses should include at least two (2) of the following components: Offering advice; posing a question; providing an alternative point-of-view; and acknowledging similar experiences.
Peer responses should be supported by at least one reference.
Peer responses should be engaging and informative with good substance (just stating “I agree…” is not acceptable). Your responses should contribute in a meaningful way to helping advance our knowledge of the topics the class explores
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For me, economics is essentially supply and demand; we demand to have quality healthcare at a reasonable cost and the system tries to supply it and charges as reasonable a fee as possible. That being said, I liked how the subject of obesity was described in terms of economics. Just the thought that it seems like our government is trying to dictate our dietary habits, while I don’t totally disagree, almost seems like the scenario described by Mazzocchi et al (2009). Now, obviously, I’m not an economist so outside of the terms described in the YouTube video part of the lesson this week I am economics-illiterate. Health, to me, is our relative position on the spectrum between ILLNESS and WELLNESS. I understand that wellness and health are virtually synonymous but I think you can be healthy while not being perfect. I have a couple of health issues so while I am not completely well, I consider myself to be healthy overall. I do like how the World Health Organization defines health as “A state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, n.d). I think this definition is better because it takes into account the SOCIAL and MENTAL aspects. Most people don’t acknowledge social or spiritual well-being and choose to ignore mental well-being. I can’t tell you how many people think that my PTSD is all in my head.

I think that in many cases, an increase in income in the United States would negatively impact our decisions regarding health. Using obesity again as an example, I think that more people would opt for bariatric surgery if given the choice, while some people would just decide to increase the size of their hamburgers. In countries like Haiti (which I have never been to so I cannot speak to the overall accuracy of my discussion), any increase in income would go more toward providing for family and trying to help rebuild their nation. I support an organization that occasionally makes mission trips to Haiti and provides medical care. For some people this is really the only time they can afford to see a doctor. I linked an interesting article I found below related to the current state of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

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After reviewing this week’s lesson, I have learned a great amount on how much economics relates to the health industry. Economics apply to healthcare in many ways, one example is resource allocation within healthcare. Economics are used to determine how much of a certain resource is used for example hospitals, therefore, determining the price of the procedure and resources. Economics also plays a huge role in the public health sector of the healthcare field, epidemiologists and other researchers use data to interpret the cost of testing for certain viruses (like COVID-19). Having numerical value also helps the healthcare field to invest in preventative methods (Scott 2001).

In my own words, I would define health as being in “good” condition both mentally and physically. After searching through to find a definition of health through a public health source, I decided to go with the CDC Foundation. It is best summed up as “the art of preventing diseases” and being free of illness or injury (Tolchinsky 2019). I think this is the best definition because it is focusing on preventing diseases while focusing on an individual’s health rather than working on maintaining one’s health after they have a diagnosis of a preventable disease.

An increase in income would definitely affect the level of healthcare of a nation. Nation’s that struggle from poverty such as Haiti have fewer resources to help the population to receive the care that they need as well as to help take preventative measures. Since healthcare can be costly certain nations can only afford so many resources, not enough to supply their population