Health Care Assignment on Overview of PBIS Tier 1/Universal for Parents


• One page
• Jargon free
• Newsletter format
• How will PBIS be implemented in your school/setting?
• Bullets/phrases are okay
• Be creative!

• Title
• What is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?
• What changes are in store for students?
• How will the school run differently?
• How will the classroom run differently?
• How can you get involved?
• How can you learn more about PBIS?

Please use this Tier 1 Rubric below:

Overview of Universal PBIS for Parents [10 pts]Give this item a title – use fictional school, but real school level (elem/mid/high) [1]What is PBIS? (define it) and rationalize it [3]What changes are in store for your children/adolescents? (What are some expected outcomes?) [2]How will the school look/run differently? (Describe/list schoolwide supports) [1]How will our classroom look/run differently? (Describe/list classwide supports) [1]How can you get involved? (Name at least 3 opportunities for parents to participate) [1]How can you learn more about PBIS? (Include the national site or another really good one here.) [1]