Health care Assignment on Improving Patient Throughput

You will write a paper that explores and applies the relevant tools and techniques to address a common operating issue (select just one below) presented below. It will be critical to identify the key contributing factors, which are often numerous and intertwined. In developing solutions, you must give due consideration to possible second-and third-order effects. Where possible, you are encouraged to examine a local healthcare organization; this may include interviewing organizational leaders and managers, examining issues and challenges, analyzing data, etc. The paper should be 10-15 pages in length, formatted according to the APA Requirements, and include at least eight references from recent (no more than 5 years old) scholarly / peer-reviewed journal articles.

  • Issue 1: The hospital medical staff does not appear to be actively engaged in the “Discharge by Noon” project. There is a large block of physicians, mostly surgeons, who do not make their patient rounds until 10 AM. Another block of doctors writes “contingency orders” – for example, the attending hospitalist writes orders like, “Discharge to home, if cleared by Cardiologist.” OR
  • Issue 2: The hospital’s laboratory and radiology department’s turn-around-times for providing results are not meeting the needs of the clinical staff (physicians and nurses). OR
  • Issue 2: Staff in the Emergency Department has expressed concern that they are “pushing” admissions to the medical-surgical and intensive care units, and that nursing staff in these units are hesitant to admit new patients. The ICU and MS nurses counter that they “pull” admissions in when they can, except during times when the census is high and staffing is tight.