Health Care Assignment Mastering the ICD-10-CM Guidelines

Lab Project 1 – Mastering the ICD-10-CM Guidelines
1. Who is the character of the story? (Summary patient information)

2. What is/are the problem(s)? (List signs and symptoms, presenting problem or complaint, diagnoses based on examination or ancillary testing, such as radiology, laboratory test, pathology)

3. What is the solution? (List diagnostic assessment results, surgery performed, medications administered)

4. How was the solution accomplished? (List surgical results, if applicable)

5. ICD-10-CM coding
Diagnosis description Index Main term Index Subterm Index Carryover line Index Non-essential modifier ICD-10-CM code POA Indicator

6. Apply the provided ICD-10-CM coding guidelines per case.

7. For multiple diagnoses – assign the principal diagnosis and other diagnoses. Explain the ICD-10-CM coding guidelines to validate your answer. Indicate the Present on Admission Indicator per diagnosis

Diagnosis description ICD-10-CM code POA Indicator
Principal diagnosis
Oher (additional) diagnoses

8. Application of Medical Terminology – explain the importance or application of medical terminology to diagnostic coding.
Medical Term Prefix / meaning Suffix/meaning Root word/meaning

9. Application of clinical vocabulary (Explain importance or application of clinical vocabulary to diagnostic coding; for clinical vocabulary, research online to locate clip art, copy and paste diagrams or illustrations)

10. AHIMA Code of Ethics (Search online at and Application of AHIMA Code of Ethics (Recommend the applicable AHIMA Code of Ethics for the case and explain your answer)


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