Grape Family Assessment Project


Division of Nursing

NUR 3942: Family-Focused Nursing Process

Grape Family Assessment Project = 15% of the final grade

  1. Guidelines:
  2. Use Wednesday, April 7th (or on your own schedule) to view

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”?  In order to do the assignment, you must

see the film.

  1. Upload the assignment to the blackboard by 11:59 pm on April 7, 2021.  
  2. No make-ups are accepted.
  3. Purpose of Assignment:

Nursing now acknowledges Family-Centered Nursing as an integral part of the profession. The individuals you will care for throughout your career will be part of a family. This experience is another opportunity meant to reinforce the concepts learned in class and review key concepts in preparation for the NUR 3942 Final.

III. Objectives:

  1. Apply family-centered nursing theory to the fictitious family.
  2. Choose a theory that you will use to assess this family. Recall that no one theory “works” for all families. Choose the family theory

that you feel is best suited for the Grape Family; provide

a rationale for your choice. Choose ONLY one of the three (3) theories in the class reading assignment, within power points and discussed during lectures/presentations/power points. (Family Systems Theory, Developmental and Family Life Cycle Theory or Bioecological Theory). 

  1. Document the following phases of the family-centered nursing process: assessment and family nursing diagnoses.

Key Points BEFORE Attempting This Assignment


  -This assignment can be done based on PowerPoint, readings,  

    lecture/discussions in class, and viewing of the film.

  – For the purposes of this assignment, YOU are the family-centered visiting nurse assigned to the family member, Arnie Grape.

** This assignment is based on the nurse entering the home AFTER Arnie

     Grape climbs the tower for the 2nd time in the story. **

** This assignment should not be done based on the ending of the film. **               

Family Nursing Diagnoses

      You are encouraged to consider the list of partial Family Nursing Diagnoses

      below related to the Grape family and the assignment.



      Caregiver role strain



      Family coping




      Family processes


      Family therapeutic regimen management


  1. “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” film viewing options:
  2. View the film on its own available free online –

     (last check: 3/5/2021)

  1. View film in the library (note: You will not be able to take it out of the library).

               Fill in and upload the “Admission Form” (p.3-9) below

Admission Form


Admitting Nurse: __________________________________________________

(Make sure your name is written in the above space)

(Student can upload this document to fill in the information as the admitting nurse for the assignment)

  1. Background:

          Arnie Grape (17 years old) has climbed a very high tower in town several times. Members of the community have voiced concern. The police contacted the town nurse to determine the following about the client: general health status, assessment of safety to self and others and family capabilities to care for the client.

  1. Admit to service — Arnie Grape, 17- year old male with a primary medical diagnosis of Down syndrome. Intellectually (IQ = 76) and developmentally disabled.

III. Identify areas about the Grape Family below. This class assignment is to focus on Family-Centered Nursing only. Answer questions, as best you can, from the point of the admission information above, not the end of the picture.  


  1. Family Name ____________________________________________________


  1. Family Type and Composition ______________________________________


  1. Family Relationship Age    Marital         Education              Occupation

   Members     in Family                                           (highest grade  

   (living)                                                                                  completed, if known)








  1. Family Developmental Stage (Use Duvall’s Traditional Family Developmental Theory not


  1. xtent to Which Family is Fulfilling Family Developmental Tasks based on Family stage identified in question 4 (above):
  2. Family Developmental Stage Health Concerns of Identified

(Based on Health Concerns of each Family Developmental Stage visual provided on Blackboard. Do not identify individual health concerns for the individual members of this family.

  1. Construct Ecomap (see Fig.5-4 and use Figure 5-7 as an example for the construction of the ecomap; read p. 128-131). You can place on an attached separate sheet of paper
  2. Identify Family Strengths (REMEMBER: Should always occur during assessment phase)
  3. Identify Family Theory you would use for this family and why (Choose only from the theories discussed in class (Family Systems Theory, Developmental and Family Life Cycle Theory or Bioecological Systems Theory).
  4. Using the Family Reasoning Web, what areas of concern have you identified using the categories of the Family Reasoning Web (Fig. 5-5, p. 131-136).