Functional Communication Skills Discussion Essay

Functional Communication Skills Watch the video, Making Requests, on the Association for Science in Autism Treatment‘s “Making Decisions About Treatment and Intervention” Web page. Check out “Making Requests by Pointing” from Rethink Autism on Vimeo. Requests video and discuss its relevance to mand training. Using this procedure, how could this benefit the client to develop more functional communication skills? The discussion post should be at least 225 words. Response Guidelines Read the posts of your peers and respond to one (at least 25 words). Your response should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. What aspects of the post do you like or agree with? Are there areas that are not clear? Did the post spark questions that you would like to ask your peer? In this, and in all of your courseroom posts, be sure to keep your tone scholarly, respectful, and professional. Peer Post: Jessica L. Functional Communication Skills After watching the video, Making Requests the relevance to mand training was evident. In the video, the pointing and teaching methods were used to make the child request the item by pointing. This would be considered mand training. The child is reinforced with a treat when he successfully mands for the item. As the time increases the items become further away making a more challenging mand. The child continues to mand successfully and is reinforced with the item.