Friedrich Hayek’s thoughts and influence on economics

Paper requirement: It must be on a subject covered in the first half of the course. The paper must be at least 2,000 words plus 200 words of bibliography and notes. You must have at least 6 sources, not including materials from this class (which may be used but not counted as a source). Most of the sources should be academic journal articles. You can cover a particular economist we have considered, compare economists. I’m looking both for historical analysis and interpretation–what did an economist think, and what do you think about an economist’s work? However, the historical analysis should be the bulk of the paper, probably about 80%. Please incorporate discussion about how the times and conditions in which an economist wrote influenced his thought. Originality and synthesis of materials are encouraged. Do not quote too much, but demonstrate you have considered the materials you cite.
————————————————————————————–Additional materials are the reading of Friedrich Hayek. You may use it in the paper. Please don’t forget that the paper requires 6 additional citations from academic journal articles. Don’t forget the citation pages. Thx