Final Project Report – Trade types, Resources and the Environment


Provide a comparison between free trade and regulated trade, to determine which is best for the economic, social, and environmental issues. As part of your project, you will analyze the situation of the UAE and which trade type it applies. It will also include the economic, social, and environmental implications of trade activities of the UAE.
Guidelines for Completion:
Overall language and formatting. You must follow the formatting guidelines as explained below. (3 points)

Title Page. Course title and number, your name and ID, the name and title of the assessment, semester, and date. (1 point)

Introduction. Start with defining what is free trade and regulated trade. Explain the history of GATT and the World Trade Organization. Emphasize the role of the WTO in relation to social issues (e.g. employment and fair trade) and environment (e.g. climate change, resource depletion, pollution). End the introduction by explaining the UAE’s history of joining WTO and its main agreements and how the country is one of the main trade hubs in the world. (5 points)

Significance. Describe the main points of the importance of discussing the trade issues in relation to their economic, social, and environmental implications. Explain the relevance of discussing trade to the UAE. (3 points)

Literature review. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of free-trade and regulated trade should be minimum of 5 disadvantages and 5 advantages. It should cover the social, economic, and environmental aspects. (4 points)

Description: From the list described in the literature review, discuss how neither is best and how each has advantages and disadvantages. You can also do that using a SWOT analysis. In this section, indicate how most countries actually apply a mix of the two types according to what best fist their economic need and how in doing so they harness the benefits and overcome the disadvantages. (5 points)

Analysis of the UAE’s trade activities. This section is very important as you would describe in detail the trade situation in the UAE and if the country implement free trade, regulated trade, or a mix of both. You also explain the relationship and impacts of trade in the UAE and the economy, social welfare, and environmental issues in the country. (6 points)
Recommendations. Provide at least 8 applicable policy measures that would improve the economic, social, and environmental gains of the UAE from its trade activities. (5 points)

Citation and referencing (2 points)
Quality of references (3 points)
The report is comprehensive (3 points)
Late submissions are not allowed as grades must be posted within 48 hours of due date. If you exceed the similarity index of 25%, you can be subjected to 3 points deduction.
12-point Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins
The name of the topic on the top of the first page your name, the date, and the course number on the first page after the topic title and assignment type and number
Use headings to separate each section