Film & Theater studies Review on Genre: Film Noir

Your midterm paper on film noir is due via Blackboard Self/Assign by midnight on Tuesday, November 6. Check out the assignment on Blackboard. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ADMISSABLE. Please read the textbook on film noir (pp. 333 – 340). Then watch the following two great examples of film noir — "Out of the Past," which you can download from our Bb’s iTunes University; and "Double Indemnity," which you can stream on Netflix and/or Amazon. And write two succinct paragraphs discussing: 1) How each of these movies fit into the film noir genre; 2) The ways in which the male protagonists, Jeff Bailey in "Out of the Past" and Walter Neff in "Double Indemnity" were alike, and the ways in which they were different. (Who was the stronger? Who was the more honorable, and why?) Then, 3) Compare each film’s femme fatales — Kathie in "Out of the Past," and Phyllis Dietrichson in "Double Indemnity." Which of these women had the more plausible motives for her actions? Which was the more and/or less trusting character? Who was the more charming? The more deadly? Why? And finally, 4) How did these movies develop out of a war-time sensibility, and, since they were both directed by Europeans who repatriated to the U.S. at the height of their careers, in what ways did these films noir reflect post-WW-II European attitudes? Take into consideration the origins of each director, where each came from, and what his sensibility brought to the movie. Explain. Make sure you are specific and use examples from each film. Quote dialogue where it is appropriate. You may also back up your point of view by quoting from or using expert opinions. IMPORTANT: The paper must be around 1500 words, no more, and it must have information from at least one other text (periodicals or other scholarly work will also be accepted) besides the one we use in class. You must also identify very specific scenes and dialogue to prove your points. Please keep details of the plot to an absolute minimum. Include a bibliography that uses standard MLA guidelines.