Exploring, Displaying and Examining Data (Descriptive Analysis).

Research analysis:

The quantitative method is used and please collect 200 responses to the questionnaire I will attach and use the Spss program plus correlation and regression to analyze the data.

Also, test those hypotheses:

H1: positive relationship between ethical leadership and quality commitment in tourism.

H2: Positive relation between creativity and quality commitment in tourism.

H3: The effect of sustainability as a mediator between ethical leadership style, Creativity, and quality commitment in tourism.

H4: relation between sustainability and quality commitment in tourism.

H5: the relation between ethical leadership, Creativity, and sustainability. Use those sources plus the sources in the questionnaire:

Cooper, D. and Schindler, P. (2006), Business research methods, 9th Ed., New York: McGraw-Hill.
Bryman and Bell (2011). Business Research Methods 3e. Oxford University Press

This paper should consist of three sections:

Exploring, Displaying, and Examining Data (Descriptive Analysis).
Measures of Associations, Hypothesis Testing.
Presentation, Analysis & Evaluation of Statistical Results.