Exhibit TN-6 DIA/BAE Follow-up

Exhibit TN-6 DIA/BAE Follow-up
August 1994 Mayor Webb approved construction of a backup tug cart baggage system
City proposes a “stand still” agreement waiving all previous contractor
September 1994 United retains lawyers to resolve baggage handling system issue; Refused
tug and cart system
Continental retains lawyers to resolve baggage-handling system. Threaten
to sue the City over change in baggage-handling agreement and cancel
lease of DIA gates
United and the City approach BAE
BAE refused to do any work without a new contract
BAE sues the City for $40 million claiming breach of contract
October 1994 Baggage-handling contract broken into two pieces:
United Contract: Concourse B and two loops of Concourse A
City Contract
United hires its own project manager and assumes control of its projects
United contracts with BAE to complete the automated baggage-handling
system for their project
City contracts with Logplan to build tug-and-cart system for Concourse A
“Suits and Countersuits should keep the lawyers busy well into the next
February 28, 1995 Airport opens in time for the start of Webb’s re-election campaign