Exceptional Learners Disorders in a classroom

Research Project Description & Scoring Rubric

Pick one disorder mentioned in class or your text (ex: ASD, dysgraphia, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, etc…) to research further. First, you will use your text and at least 3 peer-reviewed papers to develop a full understanding of the condition. You will write an introduction of at least 2 pages that gives an overview of the known information such as symptoms/causes/prevalence/treatments/suggested interventions. This will be your introduction section.

Next, you will turn to “Google”, find 5-10 sites that describe symptomology, prevention, and educational treatments/interventions. (You won’t cite them all in your paper but all will be listed on Reference page) Think about: How valid, how accurate, and how helpful is the information? How might parents react? As a teacher, what classroom suggestions/solutions do you feel would be most helpful for that particular disorder? Which sites would be good for parents? Use this information to develop a ‘Mission Statement’ for your classroom/therapy practice/future dream career scenario, be specific in how you’d support the exceptionality you’ve researched and be as inclusive as possible. Include centered heading: Mission Statement to mark beginning of this section.

Finally, you’ll create a friendly, 1-page “Welcome to my Class” letter to parents of children in your above described career scenario. Include a little about yourself/ mission as well as 5-10 open ended questions to efficiently get to know your many diverse families and students. (You want this to be accessible and visually appealing; you may get creative and use borders/clip art on this part. I’ll post an example)

☐ The paper format is correct (general APA style):

☐ Double spaced, with 1 inch margins, 12pt font

☐ Title Page (with title that is meaningfully reflective of its content).

☐ Page numbers.

☐ Reference page (I will post an example)


______ 0-20 Introduction (at least 2 pages) full description of disorder, include known symptoms, causes, prevalence, treatments, current/suggested interventions.

­­­­­­______ 0-5 Use of academic references (at least 3 peer-reviewed articles plus textbook)  ­­­­­­­­

______ 0-15 ‘Mission Statement’ (at least 1 page, no more than 2) after careful review of your research, what strategies would you implement as a K-12 classroom teacher (or in your specific career goal) to BEST support a child with this particular exceptionality? Which resources would you recommend to families? Be open minded and specific in creating an inclusive atmosphere.

______ 0-10 Letter to Parents (No more than 1 page, You may get ‘creative’, I will post an example to show flexibility for this) Write a “welcome to my class/get to know you” letter to parents of children in your above described future dream career scenario. Include a little about yourself/classroom mission as well as 5-10 open ended questions to efficiently get to know your many diverse families and students.

Writing quality & clarity: will be included in points for each section, papers should exhibit university level writing: demonstrate understanding of course material, clear and logical thought, clear organization; proper language, grammar, and punctuation.