Essay Assignment on Making the familiar strange

Inspired by Horace Miners “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” you are to engage in your own process of “making the familiar strange“. Choose a place, institution, event, occurrence, tv show, and “make it strange”

the method is to approach something we all know and understand as if we were cultural outsiders and no preconceived understandings or context for what we were witnessing. Use colorful, descriptive language to paint a picture in the audience’s mind. Your subject or method can be political or provide social commentary as Miner did with the health care system, psychiatry, and the objectification of women.

This should be a well-thought-out paper. Make careful choice of words (remember S/W Hypothesis)

Papers should be approx. two full pages (600 words) in length (no headings) and you will be asked to read it in class. Please bring a physical copy to class and post on here before class.