Essay Assignment on History Museums

elect 2 to 4 of these questions to answer when writing your essay:

What are history museums?
What are their purposes?
How do they contribute to society and communities?
Are museums only about art objects?
Should the government spend money on history museums?
How does scientific knowledge connect with the history of the museum?
What is the social relevance of history museums?
Are all museums made equal?
Do we define museums by their physical space or artistic content?
Do history museums have the capacity to create awareness of social inequality, race, or other socio-cultural contexts?
Do we need museums on tragedies and dark moments in history such as slavery, the holocaust, the civil rights movement, and others?
I got some feedback from my last essay this may help.

Include all of the sources you use. I can see that at least one is missing from your References page.
You have not fully supported your thesis statement in this essay. You haven’t explained or given examples of investigative learning. Nor have you explained why tutors need to be considered separately.
Finally, you need to do more than just mention the required video. You need to show/explain how it supports your thesis statement.
Crystal Rodwell , Jul 3 at 3:26pm
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