English Essay on Media Journal Writing Assignment

Media Journal Writing Assignment
For this assignment, you will be recording and analyzing your media consumption for three consecutive
days. This assignment has two parts; both should be submitted in a SINGLE Word document in the
Homework Dropbox.
Part 1: Media Journal
For three consecutive days, you are to record every media interaction you have in a simple log. Here is an
Thursday, November 3
Time: 7:00-8:00 A.M
Media: Television, ESPN Sportscenter
Total time: 60 minutes
At the end of your three-day measurement period, calculate the following:
1. Total usage for each medium (television, Internet, books, magazines, newspapers, etc.).
2. Total usage for all media combined.
Part 2: Essay
In a detailed essay summarize what you learned from the media logging exercise. Some items to address in
your essay:
What did you learn about your interaction with the mass media over those three days?
Who owns the media you interacted with most? How about least?
Were you surprised by anything your media log revealed about your consumption habits?
Students are expected to engage the course material as evidenced by the use of key terms, concepts, and
quotations from the assigned readings. Students are encouraged to use outside sources, too. Be sure to cite
all sources in APA format.
Media Journal Writing Assignment 10/27/18, 4*41 PM
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Assignment Guidelines
The length of the analysis should be 1-3 pages in length and all parts of the assignment need to be
submitted in a single Microsoft Word document.
When you cite your sources, use APA citation and reference style.
Spell check your paper before turning it in. Read your paper before turning it in. Be sure to watch out
for grammar and spelling errors.
Submission Deadline: Monday, November 5 before 11:55 PM