ENG 102 Essay 2 – Short Story Analysis

ENG 102 Essay 2 – Short Story Analysis

Write a clear, well-supported essay on one of the following topics:


Choice #1: Examine the ways in which Harrison Bergeron nonetheless functions as a chaos-bearer in his society. How and why is he a threat to the order around him? As the “Emperor,” how is he both a violent despot and a benevolent ruler?

Choice #2:  Explore the ways in which George Bergeron functions as a symbol of the government’s triumph. How do the sounds of his mental radio handicap reveal the violence inherent in this supposedly stable society? Why is George unable to break free and achieve intellectual and emotional awareness?




Remember that plot summary is not analysis. Essays that rely primarily on plot summary will be graded accordingly.

Use the present verb tense. Again, use the present verb tense! And again, USE THE PRESENT VERB TENSE!

Follow the Seven Steps. Be sure that your essay shows evidence of freewriting, a sign that you have put your text under a magnifying glass and seen the importance of the smallest details of language and expression.

Remember that personal opinion is also not analysis. The thesis of your essay should be an informed analytical opinion, developed after freewriting. Do not include any speculation on what a character should have done or could have done. The important thing is to understand what the character actually does, and why he/she could not do otherwise.

Be sure you quote from your chosen text in order to support your points. For how to incorporate quotes into your essay, please see A Writer’s Reference, “MLA: Integrating Sources.”

However, do not over-quote; don’t fall into the lazy trap of letting your text do your work for you. Avoid block quotes (any quote that takes up four or more lines of text).

Underline the thesis statement.  The thesis statement is the main claim that the author focuses upon in the text which is supported by at least two-three key points.

Avoid using “I” in the literary analysis.  Use the objective or third person point of view.

Come up with an engaging title for your essay.

Proofread to avoid errors.

Submit your work on time to avoid late submission point reduction.

Follow the instructions on submitting your essay; submit the essay through SafeAssign, as required.

Double space/skip lines.

Aim to meet the word count requirement of 500 words.  (Avoid going beyond 600 words; a paper less than 500 words is not satisfactory.  A paper longer than 600 words would mean that the paper was not edited thoroughly).

Don’t forget to cite the text/story in in-text and in the ‘Work Cited’ citations following the MLA format.