Empirical learning assignment # 4 and empirical learning assignment # 5

It is divided into two parts, each part has a separate Title: empirical learning assignment # 4, empirical learning assignment # 5 (at least 350 words for each part)
You can do the same type of activity up to 2 times, but no more than 2 times. The format you choose can be the same or at different times. For example, twice student Internet

Option1:STUDENT INTERVIEW: Interview ANY K-12 school-age student (family member, neighbor, etc) with at least 5 questions. These questions should relate to school or learning and should provide insight into education through the eyes of a student. Do NOT ask questions about his/her personal life. Do NOT ask questions that have a “correct” answer – such as “Do you know what 2+2 is equal to?”
SUBMIT 1) a copy of questions and answers (or if possible a video/podcast of interview). INCLUDE the student’s first name, age, and gender; AND 2) your personal reflection on the student’s responses.
OPTION 2: TOLERANCE.ORG: Visit the website tolerance.org (Links to an external site.) and select a topic/resource/podcast to read/review and reflect.
SUBMIT: The title and link to the specific page AND 2) paper/presentation with summary and reflection