Education Journal article Assignment on Methodology Review

Write a critical review of the Communicative Language Teaching method. You should justify your review with your reading on research and theory based on language learning as well as with classroom experience and practice you may have. Use examples where appropriate.
Your review should be in the form of an article to be published in an applied linguistics journal. Your review should include the following sections:

I will do an introduction. I just need you to evaluate this method as mentioned below in the form of an article to be published in an applied linguistics journal:

1. An evaluation of the Communicative Language Teaching, emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages in terms of SLA research (include also your own comments and hypotheses and suggestions of ways the approach/method could be used in specific teaching and learning context with examples).
2. A brief conclusion outlining possible further developments
To produce high-quality work that merits a good grade
Ability to critically evaluate teaching materials and methodology
 Ability to apply theory to practice;
 Originality and Innovation;
Evidence of reading;
 Awareness of theoretical issues;
 Depth of analysis;
I need new sources used which is not older than 10 years with using Harvard style