Education Essay Assignment on Birth order

This assignment aligns with the presentation and is to be submitted two weeks after your presentation. In this assignment, you’ll critically review scholarship on the individual difference: what it is, how it’s measured, related theories and research, how teachers might use knowledge of the individual difference to understand and/or improve student learning, and (if available) research discussing whether the variable is amenable to change (e.g., through focussed training), rather than being completely stable. This section of the assignment should be about 2000 words.

The presentation paper will draw on the references provided, and at least three additional scholarly references (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles, not websites).

Your essay should adopt a critical stance to theory and research. For instance, is the variable important across the lifespan? Are there any criticisms of the measurement of the construct? How easy is it to use to adapt instruction to individual learners?

Annotated bibliography

As part of this assignment, you are required to compile an annotated bibliography of sources relevant to your essay topic.

The structure of your essay reference list and the annotated bibliography will be integrated.

Please follow standard APA guidelines for formulating a general reference list for your work – then add annotations into the reference list only for key references that you find most interesting, informative, and useful (therefore not all of your references will have annotations). About 500 words of your assignment should consist of the annotations in your bibliography.