Education Essay Assignment on Applying Diversity Research (W4A)

When working with diverse learners, educators must be able to bridge theory and practice. In this module, you will translate that research into practical application by creating an evidence-based lesson plan for an instructional remediation activity. In the lesson plan, you will apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

This is a lesson for a health care delivery systems course in a career program at a community college. We have a growing number of ESL students and students on disability accommodations. I want to focus on the students with mild to moderate disabilities.

Use scholarly research to discuss how this topic can be taught to students with disabilities. How can universal design for learning be used to help the students? What types of formative and summative assessment strategies could be used at the community college level to help the students with disabilities be successful? How can we collaborate or share with the professional learning community (PLC)?

Summarize this with a discussion about how the research enhanced my understanding of this group. How can this research be used to improve academic performance in an online classroom at a community college?

I have attached the reading materials for this week. They do not all need to be used but the sources can be selected from these materials, or other good materials can be used.