Education Discussion Essay on The Heart of the Research Process

The information in Module Two introduces us to the ‘thinking process about the research problem itself. Look at the Checklist on page 38 of your text “Evaluating the Research Problem“. We will use this checklist as a guide for our discussion this week. Complete #1 on the checklist and post it on the discussion board with an explanation of why you think it might be a good research problem (it does not have to be a research problem that you intend to research yourself). Read each others’ responses to #1 and then interact with questions and/or suggestions using the checklist as a guide. Be critical in your thinking as developing the research problem can be a difficult process. Post your first discussion question response, #1 on the checklist, CST so we will have the rest of the week to interact with each other.

Link to book:!AiBC4T1YrFSPiBIu56OdVX_habAR?e=rxhi7C

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Discipline: Research Methods