Education Assignment on Learning and Attention

This is a reflective essay. You will write about Attention. I’m a teacher so IF you will write examples, imagine yourself in a 3rd-grade classroom.

  • Use first-person “I” when writing opinions or personal experiences.
  • Use accessible resources, please.
  • Check the PDF to know what to write about. Do not cover everything, rather focus on one or two things in depth.
  • Follow the description and read the rubric.

Thank you.     Guide for Assessment 1 Choose a topic that you are comfortable with (we gave many examples during class):

  • Choose the one you find the better information for, the one you are able to explain best, the one you can give the best examples for

Your Paper: 1- Introduction. Your Introduction should be short, you can include what your topic is and define it briefly. Save your words for the explanations, supporting information (explaining your references and citing them), and your examples. 

  • General writing suggestion: even though your introduction should be first in the paper, write it last. 
  • The introduction should be like a movie trailer: it gives the reader the big picture with interesting hints to make the reader want to read more.

2- Body. Describe/explain your topic in detail, make sure that someone who doesn’t know it, can understand it, be sure to cite references.

  • Here, be sure to discuss the evidence you find that relates to your topic. It can be structured as contrasting evidence for and against, or any other structure you deem appropriate for your topic.

You should have many different categories or types of evidence to help you explain your points; for each category: 

  • Explain your point
  • describe the evidence you found and cite your references
  • Provide real-world examples or your own experiences
    • It’s best to have one paragraph for each category, with each paragraph constructed as described above. For writing a good paragraph, please see the pdf “Some Writing Tips” that is in the course-specifics tab of our course.


  • Summarize your most important points very briefly, be sure to include what you want readers to remember from your paper.

TASK DESCRIPTION Students will be required to write independently a reflective essay on the topics covered in week 1 to week 13. The students will autonomously research these concepts to support classroom learning, using facilities such as library e-journal and e-book search engines. The length of the reflection is between 1000- 1200 words (excluding references). Organization and structure follow APA latest edition: Introduction, body, and conclusion; references and mechanics (Spelling & grammar). Topics provided by the instructor.  CRITERIA AND MARKING You will be assessed on:

  • The comprehensiveness of the critical reflection
  • In-depth analysis of the view
  • Synthesis of theory and experience
  • Organization and structure

For more details on marking, please refer to the rubric. SUBMISSION DETAILS Electronic submission in Word format (.doc or .docx) via the learning management system. All submissions are checked for similarity.