Education Assignment on Experiences of Violence and Academic Achievement of Rural and Urban African American Males

In your final assignment, you will continue to improve your problem statement based on your professor’s feedback, depict components of the nature of your study, and develop the strategies you will use to select and ethically treat your study participants. All of the work you have completed will culminate in this Signature Assignment for the course. The work you complete here will serve as a foundation for future courses and, ultimately, your research prospectus, dissertation, or capstone project. Review previously assigned resources as necessary to prepare for the Signature Assignment.
For your Signature Assignment, you will:
Improve your problem statement, purpose sentence, purpose statement, and rationale for your method and research approaches according to the previous feedback you received from your professor.
Provide a complete rationale for how and why the method and design you chose were the best choices for your study and how they align with your problem and purpose sentence.
Support the data collection procedure and measurement strategies.
Ensure your selection and description of variables/constructs you will gather.
Discuss how the variables/constructs will be measured and how they will be evaluated to ensure validity/reliability (quantitative) or trustworthiness (qualitative) as well as how they contribute to the internal alignment of the overall research design.
Develop the strategies you will use to select and ethically treat your study participants:
How will you choose them (number and sampling method)?
What type of participants (e.g., teachers, administrators, students, parents, other) or combinations of participants are needed to support your study?
How will you ethically treat the participants?
Length: 6-10 pages (does not include the title and reference pages)
References: 12 scholarly resources
I have changed the topic please see the original attached problem statement to use for the assignment
Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the research methods reviewed in this course and the research problem identified by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this potential problem of inquiry.