Education Assignment on Digital Positionality Journal

Keywords: educators, social justice, educational equality (race, class, gender, religion)
According to the keywords, write 4 pages and quote 6 resources.
Tip: refer to the Autobiography of education and the paper “education and school reflection”, based on the increasing knowledge. This should be related to your growth as an education student.
Each student will complete a digital media project that outlines the findings of their position and contacts (related to race, class, gender, religion, etc.) and links them to our curriculum objectives. The purpose of this positioning project is to raise your own awareness of your “cultural” identity and to better understand your identity as an individual and how this will affect your identity as a community member / already a community leader. And the leadership of some teachers. In this “narrative,” you should include information about your identity, beliefs, and views on the use of various media for education. For those who have participated in EDT 190 and/or EDL 204, you can (and should) refer to the education autobiography since 190 and the education and school reflection paper since 204, based on the increasing knowledge. This should be related to your growth as an education student.
1. Collect resources by gradually focusing on the theme.
2. You may consider some important events or people in your life (such as teachers, family, friends, role models) that affect you.
3. This project should challenge you to think critically to clarify your cultural assumptions and reflect on your life events and experiences. You should use at least 6 references (authors we have read) to combine your analysis with the readings we have done throughout the semester. For each student, how to choose “quote” will be different. You can add “main argument” quotation marks to express your analysis, discuss concepts, or ask more questions related to reading.
4. You will attach a reference page to APA to clearly indicate the resources you use from the course and external media.
Reference list for reference: (only 2-3 can be selected, and the rest is selected from “source to be used”)
1. Blake, C. (2020, June 4). How to Teach Social Justice in the Classroom: Resilient Educator. .
2. Nelson, L., & Lind, D. (2015, February 24). The school to prison Pipeline, explained – justice Policy Institute.
3. Dell’Angelo, T. (2014, September 29). Creating classrooms for social justice.
4. Ladson-Billings, G. (2002). Lies my teacher still tells developing a critical race perspective toward the social studies. MY_ TEACHER_ STILL_ TELLS_ Developing_ a_ Critical_ Race_ Perspective_ Toward_ the_ Social_ Studies.
5. Mills College. (2020, October 21). Social Justice in Education: The Role Educational Leaders Play. Mills Online Degrees.
6. Nguyen, V. T., Sympathizer, T., & Committed, T. (2020, June 26). How the model MINORITY myth of Asian Americans hurts us all.
7. Teitelman, A. M. (2018, February 27). A social JUSTICE perspective on teaching and learning.