Economics Research Paper Assignment on Does higher inflation lead to lower GDP growth?

This is a research paper that requires to show a relationship between 2 or more selected macroeconomics indicators variables. Attached in the guideline are examples such as Does higher GDP growth lead to lower unemployment? Or Does higher inflation lead to lower GDP growth? Feel free to select any of the given suggestions in the guideline for the paper. But I suggest talking about the relationship between GDP growth and unemployment. Please feel free to use any country as a sample. Suggestions are USA, CANADA, UK, OR CHINA. VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to add a regression table that shows the relationship between the 2 variables. The regression table is done on Microsoft excel. It is very important to include it in the paper. Also, please use credible sources and accurate data and statistics. Finally, please make sure the paper is organized and grammatically correct as the professor is very strict on that part. Finally, please follow the guideline for this paper.