Economic Research Paper Assignment on Three Different Barriers to Entry


    With the use of examples, explain THREE DIFFERENT barriers to entry

    • Provide 3 different real-world examples. As support to what you write provide references with hyperlinks to your sources
    • These sources should be real world examples from a newspaper or other original source. I do NOT want academic papers or excerpts from textbooks or economics sites as sources
    • Describe these barriers in your own words
    • Explain how these barriers might have affected market structure and what market structure exists because of these barriers
    • With diagrams, show the output decisions for companies in these industries
    • Finally examine whether these barriers can be or are being attacked and conquered by companies who want to win customers and make profits by either breaking these barriers and/or by “moving the goalposts” and providing a new way for consumers to get the product or service they want.


    MARK SCHEME – how I will mark your assignment

    I want at least three different barriers so if there is only one barrier that applies to your first chosen market, you will need to choose two additional markets.


    Up to max 20 marks for each barrier

    • Your description of the barrier: up to 7 marks
    • Description of the market structure with diagram(s) up to 7 marks
    • Explanation of the effects on economic efficiency: up to 5 marks
    • Discussion of potential competitors and/or government regulation of the industry because of the barriers: up 7 marks
    • Maximum 20 marks for each of your 3 cases

    As always for these assignments, treat the exercise as a prompt to use analysis from the materials learned in class.