Economic Assignment on performance of UK from 2018 to present

As the assignment is asking to analyze the economic performance of your country from 2018 to present in terms of GDP growth rates AND unemployment or inflation rates, my country is the UK (London).
Assignment guidelines from Professor:
Start with a short introduction and include a conclusion.
No need to give a detailed theoretical explanation.
Section 1: Present graph/data on GDP Growth rate
Section 2: Present data/graph on Unemployment OR Inflation rate.
In both Section 1 & 2:
Describe the trend in the data in chronological order from 2018 to the present.
Analyze what domestic/foreign factors and policies caused the fluctuations in the data in each section.
For the causal factors in the growth rate section, also refer to which component (C,I,G,X,M) caused the fluctuations. This will change from year to year.
Draw interlinkages between the two sections.
With the use of data, discuss whether the implemented policies have been effective or not.