Economic Assignment on Macroeconomics paper – United Arab Emirates

-I attached a table and you should fill it out by searching the required data of the country the United Arab Emirates.
-The data you should fill in the table is; the annual inflation (cpi or deflator), unemployment, economic growth (GDP growth) statistics of the country United Arab emirates
-The data should be new and not old.
Example; 2013,2014,2015 or 2015,2016,2017. Must be three years in a row.
-Use international datasets like the World Bank Development Indicators (WDI) or the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to get data of the United Arab Emirates, or any trustworthy website.
-After you’re done filling out the table, you should explain in paragraphs;
-An explanation from where did you get the data and specify how you got them.
-Explain what is happening over time (increase or decrease) and what is shifting?
-Show what is going on in the short run
-Draw or find one graph of what’s happening in the table you filled out. The graph can be used from any source like online or using a book, or the powerpoints that I’ve attached, and mention the source.
-Talk about aggregate demand and aggregate supply. I will attach two powerpoints from my class, that cover these topics. You can use the information in the PowerPoint and use these powerpoints to know the level of information you should mention.
-By using the Liquidity Preference Framework and the Aggregate Demand- Aggregate Supply analysis;
1-Suggest a monetary policy and/or a fiscal policy change for the United Arab Emirates
2-Show the effects of your proposed change(s) on major macroeconomic variables.
-What is monetary policy and fiscal policy here in the United Arab Emirates.
-What does the UAE central bank follow in terms of monetary policy? For example; open market operations.
-Suggest both a monetary policy and a fiscal policy and explain clearly how would that bring the economy back to the Long run equilibrium.
-Explain what could be happening in terms of Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply that might explain the numbers that you see.
-Talk specifically about the monetary tools used by the central bank of the United Arab Emirates.
-Mention what can the government do?
Please put every source you have used in the reference list and make in-text citations.
Please use simple English.
no plagiarism.