Drugs and their influence in ancient and modern sports on Olympic athletes! “The cold war Olympics 1

Topic: Drugs and their influence in ancient and modern sports on Olympic athletes!

“The cold war Olympics 1948-1988

Your essay is about some aspect of physical education and/or sport that is covered in our course or textbook. While your essay should not be comprised entirely of materials from the Mechikoff text and/or course, they should be a starting point. For example, if you want to write about horse competitions in contemporary Olympics, you need to reference chariot racing as mentioned in the book as a starting point.

Your essay should also have both a contemporary and historical approach in your literature review. That is, a minimum of 20% should relate to some component of history – for our purposes here, “history” can be pre-1500. You can, of course, write up to 80% on the historical component, but must have at least 20% of your essay as contemporary (post-1500).

An introduction to your paper can include your general interest in the topic and what you will cover specifically. What fascinates you about this subject? Where are you going in this study? What is the question you will answer? What will you argue for or against? One page is plenty. Be as clear and succinct as possible.

Please follow these instructions below:

  • Part of your grade is how well you follow instructions
  • Have a max of 2 pages for your bibliography

Your references must include:

  • Author (APA Style)
  • Date of publication
  • Title of publication
  • Title of journal or book (in italics)
  • Journal issue and page numbers

In your text, please put author and date in boldface when citing (no need to put title of book in boldface.

  • 12-point type
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double Spacing
  • Essay title, on each page across the top (header after page 1)


Educate and entertain your reader

  • Weave your story and include a historical component
  • 6 (academic) bibliographic references
  • Any other relevant citations from any source can be used (ESPN, Newsweek) (see next line)
  • Have an “additional references” section for non-academic references in the bibliography
  • Make your paper relevant, interesting
  • You can include a brief personal component (“why this interests me”)
  • Have section headings to break up your text (please, no 1-page paragraphs)
  • These section headings can match your (new or old) outline
  • Have introduction and conclusion sections to your essay
  • Watch sentence structure (have another set of eyes review your essay, if possible)
  • Watch spelling
  • Can insert up to 1 page of photos in your entire text
  • No coversheets needed for this submission on Open LMS
  • You will be graded as if this is the best possible work you can produce

There are many common errors students make; here is some help below:

  1. Have a caption that says something about your photo, if you choose to use a photograph or two. Your caption should be in boldface.
  2. Too few citations. Many of you will just quit after 3 or 4 academic citations, opting to either forget to add them or substitute with Time or Newsweek articles. You must have 6 academic citations, minimum (NOT including the textbook). Academic citations are from academic journals and academic books. Any additional citations are fine, but 6 is your baseline. -1 point for each missing academic citation.
  3. Some of you will forget to cite Mechikoff in your text and in your bibliography, figuring it is not necessary. It is necessary. This is your scholarly work, and you must write it as if people other than me are reviewing it. If you cite an author in your text, you must reference them in your bibliography.
  4. Put citations in your text in bold. Please use boldface when you cite an author (Andrews, 1996). Put your period after the citation to end the sentence. And make sure if you use a direct quote, cite the page number. A direct quote “…has quotation marks” (Andrews, 2004, p. 45).
  5. Use upper-case if you are starting a quote from the beginning of a quoted sentence “In 1667, Pepys watched girls race across a bowling green” (Mechikoff, 2004, p. 72), or the famous three dots (ellipsis) if you are starting from the middle of a quoted sentence, such that “…she toddled the half-mile length of Pall Mall…” (Mechikoff, 2004, p. 72).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Really? No cover-sheet?
    1. I’m fine with a cover sheet, but not needed. Don’t forget to put all relevant essay details on page 1, and then header with title and your full name on subsequent pages.
  2. Do we have to have 10 pages total?
    1. The assignment is 8-10 pages. You can end on page 8, 9, or 10. No more, no less. (including up to 2 reference pages; make sure your cover sheet does not have “page 1” on it)
  3. Do we have to have photos?
    1. No, but up to 1 page of photos is allowed.
  4. Double-space our paper?
    1. And use 12 point-type. You can use 1.5 spacing for your references (alphabetical order)
  5. If I still have questions, what should I do?
    1. Ask them over email or post them on the forum. Others might have those questions, too.