Does a healthy diet counter the ill-effects of obesity?

Blog instructions:
1. 700 words.
2. Please include an image and a figure with full instructions below. Cited using: (see the section below on language, images, and stigma)
3. Come up with an interesting question title to the blog.
4. Hyperlinks of evidence-based further reading on the concepts discussed within the context.
5. Introduction: introduce the topic briefly (Obesity prevalence, BMI, and Mediterranean diet) + methods used in the study (questionnaire survey covering diet and lifestyle)
6. Body paragraphs: Discuss critically (beyond description) the study design, describe the validity of the data and the representativeness of the population)
7. Avoid using the word significant without an actual data result.
8. Discuss critically how the media has portrayed the study focuses on what and how it implies.
9. When critiquing a recommendation made by the media or the study make sure you adopt a systematic approach.
10. A key focus point should be on the interpretation of risk. What does the risk level actually mean? How does it relate to exposure levels? Did the media induce confusion in their explanations?
11. Justify why aspects are either strengths or weaknesses. Consider the wider problem/picture, taking into account the theoretical, clinical, ethical, and professional issues. Break down key observations in a way that explains why the strength/weakness matters to the understanding and interpretation.
12. Be succinct – avoid the use of words that do not add to the understanding.
13. A clear conclusion that summarises and wraps up the main points without introducing new points to discuss.
14. When making a recommendation, focus on what the key takeaway point can be, based on the quality of the evidence at hand – you can draw a judgment on how reliable specific media pieces are.
15. The essay should be structured in a logical way so that it makes sense. Do not jump from one point to another without thinking about whether it links to what has gone before.
16. Please use “people living with obesity” instead of obese people.
17. Please support any points mentioned with at least 4 evidence-based studies using hyperlinks (let me know if you do not know how to do it)

you can as well cite other media pieces that could be relatable! Thanks