Document Analysis Essay: Culinary History Assignment

For this assignment, you will write a short essay summarizing the contents of the cookbook and its relationship to other works of culinary literature. In our essay “Using Cookbooks to Research Women’s History,” Ariadna and I recommend that you compile a spreadsheet of recipes and assign them to categories. For this assignment, counting exact quantities will not be necessary, but do provide a brief summary of the contents of the volume. In our essay we also suggest tracing the genealogy of recipes by using recipe names and keyword phrases in the search function of an online digital database such as Adam Matthew’s “Food and Drink in History” collection:

Moreover, a digital search will be more difficult because the recipes have been translated. Nevertheless, see if you can find a few recipes in English-language cookbooks from the digital collection and compare them. These could include Mexican dishes in a volume such as Mexican Cookery for American Homes or international dishes from Pinedo’s cookbook such as “crab salad.”

After you have finished the body of the paper, go back and write an introductory thesis statement summarizing the contents of the cookbook and your experience cooking from it in a single sentence (indicate your thesis with boldface or italics). In completing this assignment, be sure to give roughly equal time to the summary and genealogy.
Paper Format:
Please use parenthetical citations with the author’s last name and page numbers, if applicable (ie, Pinedo, 56). You must also include a bibliography of all sources used formatted according to the latest version of the Chicago Manual of Style.