Discussion Essay on Organizational Collaboration

Discussion Question – Organizational Collaboration
This week you read about collaboration, what makes collaboration successful, and the role
that leaders play in successful collaboration. Some of the more innovative companies are
creating a culture of collaboration where everyone has strengths that they bring to the table,
and everyone is involved in solving problems and creating new ideas.
For the first part of your post,
Research a company that has a culture of collaboration:
Briefly assess which of the organization’s characteristics make you think that the
culture is collaborative.
Assess whether the company is successful at collaboration. If so, provide an example
that supports your opinion. If not, discuss why it is not successful.
Analyze the role the company’s top leaders play in the culture of collaboration.
For the second part of your post,
Choose a situation where you were part of a collaborative effort that was successful and a
situation where you were part of a collaborative effort that was not successful. These can be
from work, from sports teams, or from other collaborative efforts you have experienced.
Compare these two collaborative efforts to analyze what the similarities and differences
were, and why one was successful and one was not.
Conclude your post with a three or four-sentence summary of the most important point,
lesson or takeaways from your research and analysis for your initial post.