Discussion Essay Assignment on Family Harm in Aotearoa New Zealand

This assessment is based around Aotearoa, New Zealand only. 2000 words all up/

Intro and Conclusion 10% each

Each question 320 words

This social policy assignment is on Family Harm

Part One: Describe your social issue Family Harm

Part two: Identify the background and the development of the social issue to the present day in Aotearoa, New Zealand, including the impact on Tangata whenua (Maori).

What did family harm look like pre colonization for Maori and what does it look like now?

Part three: Identify a social reformer or agency that has historically worked in the area of family harm and discuss the influence they have had in the present day within the Aotearoa, New Zealand context. PLEASE CHECK THE AGENCY WITH ME FIRST

How they came about? Why? Have they had an impact? Criticism? What issues did they respond to? What were they hoping to address?

Part four: Outline and discuss one contemporary. Local or National Policy and One Contemporary key Legislation that relates to family harm in New Zealand. PLEASE CHECK THE POLICY AND LEGISLATION WITH ME FIRST

Part Five: Identify and describe one contemporary New Zealand agency that is different from part three in New Zealand. PLEASE CHECK THE AGENCY WITH ME FIRST

How does it link with the social issue, how they came about, what they do, how they do what they do