Discussing Race Racism and Other Difficult Topics with Students

Part I. Self-Reflection Guidelines:
The self-reflection component is a minimum of 2-pages in length.
Include your personal thoughts and feelings about the PowerPoint presentations, group/peer-to-peer discussions, readings, and any other related events or issues concerning the subject matter of the course.
Questions you might like to address in your reflection paper include:
What have you learned?
What has surprised you? Why?
How does this apply to your daily life?
What biases, stereotypes, or prejudices have you personally uncovered? How are you working to challenge them?
What are you excited about, and what has been challenging about the topics in this course?
Part II. Conceptual Understanding Guidelines:

The conceptual understanding component of your assignment requires 2-pages minimum.
In your paper you must define the following concepts: Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality
Explain how these are similar and different.
Next, you will have an opportunity to select critical concepts (e.g., white privilege) and themes (social transformation) that you have learned -or found most impactful- from the class PowerPoints, Films, and Readings. In your paper, in addition to identifying themes and concepts, make connections among them as follows:
Review of PowerPoint Presentations: Identify 5 different concepts, themes or facts you’ve learned, from five different PowerPoint presentations. Why are these concepts important to our understanding of race, ethnicity, and inequality?
Review of Required Films: How did the films help you understand the concepts, themes, facts, or ideas presented in the PowerPoints you identified above? *Provide specific examples and reference the films appropriately. Again, why are the concepts you have identified important to our understanding of race, ethnicity, and inequality?
Review of Required Reading: Identify 6 concepts, facts, historical themes you learned from six DIFFERENT articles assigned for class. *You must provide specific details to illustrate your learning; include one quote. And again, address why these concepts are important to you and our shared understanding of race, ethnicity, and inequality?