Discuss a social issue that you feel deeply about. Describe how you would contribute to the solution

Housing Discrimination
When LGBTQ people can be fired for their jobs because of their identities, earning a living and supporting a decent life can be difficult; that problem is compounded when LGBTQ people can be also legally be denied housing based on their identities. But across America, that is the reality for many gay and trans citizens. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development reported in 2013 that same-sex couples experience unfavorable treatment in renting homes online, and there are still 28 states where housing discrimination is legal.

Growing up as a gay man has never been easy, even if it’s been in NYC where one would think is the more accepting as opposed to other cities throughout the country. As accepting as we may think we are here in NYC I have endlessly heard stories from first-hand experiences friends of mine have had while trying to find a rental home here in NYC. Although Manhattan happens to be one of the most liberal boroughs, it doesn’t make up for the rest of the city. The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and parts of Brooklyn tend to be experiencing these pushbacks when it comes to the LGTB community looking for homes, especially in the smaller landlord sectors.

The way I would contribute to this social issue would be by ACTUALLY implementing these rights the LGTB community has when looking for their picture-perfect homes. A career in property management would mean me having the ability to give all applicants a fair advantage in this process regardless of sexual orientation, sexual preference, etc.