Disaster response, post-disaster recovery capability, and capacity development.

HA 3900 Assignment: Research Project Individual Proposal
General Topic Assigned To Global Health Care Issues
My specific chosen topic for my 3 pages paper: Disaster response, post-disaster recovery capability, and capacity development.
What is the effect of rapid disaster response on infectious disease (e.g., cholera) mitigation, COVID?
A brief explanation of what I plan to research:
I plan to research how COVID health care access, outcomes of rapid disaster response are infectious diseases affected by access to general healthcare. I plan to focus on the impact of low-income families not having proper access to healthcare and its impacts, low-income healthcare access, low-income access to general healthcare. Child populations with low income. I plan to look for research articles, news articles, reports, and books that provide facts and evidence about how improved access to
health care may rapid disaster response infectious disease like a transmitted disease.
List of five sources that I plan to use in my paper and a brief explanation of each
Source #1
By: Reeskens, Tim; Roosma, Femke; Wanders, Evelien. BMC Public Health. 3/5/2021, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p1-8. 8p. DOI: 10.1186/s12889-021-10488-3. , Database: Academic Search Complete Full.
This article summarizes the perceived deservingness of COVID-19 healthcare in the Netherlands: a conjoint experiment on priority access to intensive care and vaccination.
Source #2
By: Hooper, Erika. Atlanta, Ga.: Georgia State University, 2016. 1 online resource Language: English, Database: GSU GIL-Find Catalo Subjects: access to care; health; healthcare; minority; disparities.
This article summarized Evaluation of Access to Care: Minority and Low-income Populations and Non-profit Health Organizations.
Source #3
By: Aedine, S. A.; Sello, M.; Thaele, D.; Madhi, S. A. South African Journal of Child Health. Mar2020, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p34-39. 6p. DOI: 10. 7196.SEARCH. v14.i1.1650., Database: Academic Search Complete
Subjects: CHILD services; HEALTH planning; HEALTH programs; INFERENTIAL statistics; Child and Youth Services; Other provincial and territorial public administration.
This article summarized Patterns of healthcare utilization and barriers affecting access to child healthcare services in low-income urban South African settings.
By: United States. Congress. Joint Committee on the Economic Report. Subcommittee on Low-Income Families. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1955. v, 757 pages: illustrations, maps; 24 cm Language: English, Database: GSU GIL-Find Catalog
Subjects: United States — Social conditions; United States; Poor — United States; Cost and standard of living — United States; Income — United States; Poor; Cost and standard of living; Income; Social conditions
This article summarized Low-income families: hearings before the Subcommittee on Low-Income Families of the Joint Committee on the Economic.
Description #5
By: Lutchman, Salona. In: Law, Democracy and Development, Vol. 19, pp. 65-78 Language: English, Database: Hein Online.
This article summarized Insufficient Access to Substance Abuse Treatment Centers for Illicit Drug Users and Its Potential Effect on a Fetus: A Breach of the Right to Access Health Care Services.