Desegregation in Norfolk Schools Assignment Draft Research Proposal

Submit a draft of your research proposal. This should be a complete draft so your instructor can give you feedback on the entire paper. It should apply the knowledge you have gained so far in the course. You will also be posting this draft in the Module Eight discussion topic for peer review.

Note: It may help you to post your draft to the Module Eight discussion topic at the same time you submit it to the instructor so that your peers will have more time to review your paper.

My topic for my capstone project is Desegregation in Norfolk Schools: A History. Old Dominion Special Collections has some great archives that cover many decades:
Please utilize this archive to complete the draft (Research Paper)

Thesis Statement: ( I want to argue why its integration failed).

While some people believe that the integration of Norfolk Public Schools was successful, Integration was a failure in the 1960s because some Norfolk schools remained closed under a state order designed to fight integration even though they were required to open by the federal government. African American students suffered from emotional abuse, and many students experienced violence by the public, fellow students, and staff.

If you think the thesis statement needs to be changed let me know. I trust your judgment.
You may change it if you see fit.