Current Issue in Education Research Paper Assignment

Current Issue in Education Research Paper

A major component of this course is individual research you will engage in about a current issue in education and the resulting research paper you will write to share the results of your research. You will have a number of weeks to complete your research and your paper so a comprehensive document will be expected.

1. Review issues related to education in the United States at the present time and select a topic that interests you. A few topics are suggested below but feel free to look through all the chapters in your textbook for ideas. You may also consider topics that appear in the news or are particularly relevant to your own education or that of family members.

2. Submit a research paper proposal explaining the issue, problem, or concept you would like to research and explain why you think this topic would be important to study.

3. Once the topic has been approved, thoroughly research the topic using multiple types of sources, particularly peer-reviewed journal articles. The databases and other resources from the SUNY Canton library are available for your use. The library staff can be valuable resources during your research.

4. In your research paper, discuss the issue in detail including information such as the following:
A. Background information regarding the problem
a. A description of the problem
b. Why the problems are of importance
c. Who it affects and what the effects are – include data
B. Current efforts being undertaken to remedy the problem
a. What is being done
b. Who is working on the problem
c. What the results are to date – include data
C. What new initiatives are planned to try to solve the problem

5. Format your research paper using the APA format for research papers. A video and websites explaining the format of an APS research paper are available as resources.

6. Submit the paper.

A few ideas for research topics:

• Charter schools
• Improving education in urban settings
• Deducing the effects of poverty on student achievement
• Helping homeless students succeed in school
• Desegregation of schools
• Multicultural education
• Improving services for special education students
• Censorship in the schools
• Reducing school violence
• Ecological interventions to meet more student needs
• Social-emotional learning
• Early childhood compensatory education
• Teaching higher-order thinking skills
Vocational education
• Better strategies for funding education
• The importance of arts education
• Restructuring the school day to improve learning
• Technology in the schools
Remote learning